Community gardens are places where people from all walks of life can come together and build something beautiful. The massive world of Community Garden takes this idea and creates a world with endless possibilities where anyone can make a difference. Much like the book and recent movie Ready Player One, you will help shape this world. Grab your virtual reality headset, find your role and help create a world you can be proud of.

How do players change the world?

The world of Community Garden grows as a direct result of player action. As each player completes tasks related to their role, the city gains the resources needed for expansion. Once a new part of the world is ready to be unlocked, new opportunities for exploration and player growth are opened up. 

What type of roles will be available?

Players can take on more than one role, but mastering each role requires time. Completing tasks and earning money will open up more opportunity to level up your avatars abilities. The following are some of the roles that will be available to players.

  • Farmer
  • Miner
  • Fisher
  • Police
  • City Worker
  • Crafter

What features are available now?

Community Garden is a big undertaking. Early access to the game is available on Steam. Players can take part in the first persistent virtual world built with SpatialOS as it evolves. Here are some of the features available right now!

  • Spatialize voice with lip syncing to make your conversations with other people feel real.
  • A massive sprawling open world to explore.
  • Shoot some hoops in a gym.
  • Grow and harvest plants. Each plant grows over time and requires TLC.
  • Hang out in the park and skip stones.
  • One world. No sharding or fragmenting. Possible with Improbable's SpatialOS.